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About Me.

I´m Mauricio and have been interested in becoming a very good marketer, and I´d like to  tell you why, I´ve always been serious about what I want from life, and have tried with different approaches. 

Back in the 90´s it was common to think that going to college and getting a degree was the best way to succeed in life, so I tried that, in 2002 I wen t to law school, the best in Colombia, it was really hard, had to study way too much, only to be faced against the harsh reality that there are a lot of lawyers in Colombia, a saturated market, would make things difficult, so at the time of my graduation, I wanted to be smart, from that standpoint, I thought, how great it would be to take a dive in a blue ocean market, so I engaged in two, skills mostly, entrepreneurship, management and marketing.




University Externado 

I learned to be ambitious, learned that success would come only if you were the one behind the helm of your life, understood that the fight is not over when you´re tired, but that there are only moments to rest to see another day, discipline and enjoyment for the work are also things I learnt by being mentored by the best lawyers. 


Technical studies in ANDAP

I did a course on programming, got a hold of php, html , Javascript, Sql, css, and  


real state brokerage

Here my business was to create the most appealing campaigns in order to sell real state, taking pictures, making videos, using software, uploading websites, funnels, engaging with the customer pain points and going through anything at my reach to make a sale.


057 3014627539



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